Happy August from PACHAMAMA Community!

31 August 2023
Photo: members of the CC Indigenous Peoples of Argentina celebrating the Pachamama month.

Dear Community:

August is the month of the Pachamama celebration for the Indigenous Peoples of the Andes. Pachamama. Mother Earth as we call it, the celebration connects and strengthens us with our environmental environment, the river brothers, the stone sisters, the air to live, that is why every year, the month of August becomes a great party.

 Pachamama reminds us that she has life and motivates us to share our food with her.
We are part of the Earth, not owners of it, it is what our ancestors taught us, so we want to live free of contamination, embracing our brother rivers, dancing with the songs of the birds

Happy August URI Community. from Latin America, thank you very much Inter religious  Community, for giving the opportunity to Indigenous Peoples to strengthen the Indigenous Cosmovision. 

Rosalia Gutierrez.