San Francisco Interfaith Council Responds to Intense Conflict

13 December 2023
San interfaith

San Francisco Interfaith Council Gathering Against Hate.

Even our hurt connects us. Let our voices be a call to honor and restore connection.

The San Francisco Interfaith Council, SFIC, a URI Cooperation Circle, deepens their journey toward healing in response to the intense conflict in Gaza and Israel.

In November 2023, SFIC hosted a special Online Briefing for Community and Faith Partners including Islamic Networks Group (ING) Founder and Executive Director Maha Elgenaidi and Jewish Community Relations Council (JCRC) CEO Tyler Gregory.

Each faith leader spoke to the current challenges as well as resources available to combat Islamophobia/Antisemitism and to ensure security at their houses of worship and institutions.

With over 800 congregations and an online communication network of over 5600 subscribers, SFIC is recognized as the “go to” organization for mobilizing San Francisco’s religions communities. 

At this time of painful tension, they rely on trusted friendships built upon years of civic service and devoted community building. 

In their words:  “As geopolitical tensions rise and counter narratives become more inflamed and entrenched, never, more than now, has the value of long-cultivated and trusted relationships among interfaith partners been more critical in responding to local needs. We are wired for connection. Even our hurt connects us. Let our voices be a call to honor and restore connection.”