Choti Si Khushi Empowering Women

13 March 2024
choti women

Our journey began with the inception of two projects: "Prayas" and "Little Lamp," the latter aimed at enriching children's education. What struck us profoundly was the quiet but palpable curiosity of the mothers who accompanied their children.

They would sit at the back of the classroom, keenly observing and occasionally participating. This observation sparked an idea - to extend our educational outreach to these women.

Thus, we embarked on a journey to empower these mothers, starting with the basics: teaching them the alphabet and foundational skills. Our focus then shifted to enhancing their communication abilities, recognizing that effective expression is a cornerstone of empowerment. Through interaction, we discovered latent talents and interests among the women, such as painting and cooking.

Inspired by their enthusiasm, we devised a plan to channel their skills into tangible opportunities. Diwali provided the perfect occasion. We encouraged the women to prepare culinary delights and artwork to be sold at stalls during the festive season. This initiative not only allowed them to showcase their talents but also provided a source of income, instilling a sense of pride and independence.

Building on this success, we sought to further their economic independence through the Urban Livelihood Mission. By forming groups of ten women, each contributing financially, we facilitated the creation of a platform for collective action. These women, once victims of domestic violence, now stand as champions of change in their communities. They not only advocate for themselves but also inspire others to do the same.

Choti si Khushi is a community-based, volunteer-driven program to bridge the rising disparity in opportunities for women and children residing in urban slums. Among their key programs they have: Little Lamp: An education initiative for enabling underprivileged children and women, Prayas: an initiative to establish self-help groups among women to improve livelihood opportunities, and Jagriti: an outreach program organizing awareness workshops at schools. This registered organization in Delhi was created in 2014. 

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