Stories Behind Minds

22 May 2024

Coordinated by ROSI FRANCE-ESSONNE, France, as part of the Erasmus Plus program generously funded by the European Union, this dynamic training gathered 26 dedicated youth workers from both Europe and the MENA Region (France, Germany, Romania, Italy, Jordan, Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco). Together, they embarked on an enlightening journey into the realm of storytelling, recognizing its transformative potential in uplifting young individuals navigating the complexities of social exclusion.

uri mena

Participants delved into how digital expression amplifies voices and fosters inclusivity. They unpacked cultural dynamics, dismantling stereotypes and cultivating an appreciation for diversity. This journey equipped them with skills to prevent radicalization among youth.

The course offered a dynamic mix of activities, including video production, interactive games, drawing exercises, and collaborative storytelling. These weren’t just for fun – they fostered creativity, collaboration, and equipped participants with practical strategies to raise awareness about the issues explored. Participants learned how to use digital tools to bridge divides, celebrate shared humanity, and see cultural diversity as an opportunity, not a threat.”

This training addressed the rising trend of youth polarization. By equipping participants with skills to work with marginalized groups (ethnic minorities, migrants, and refugees), it paved the way for a more inclusive and compassionate future.

 Please check out this video about the training here.

Feedback from Desert Bloom Team:

Ola Estaitia (Group leader)

“Personally, I’m incredibly grateful for this opportunity. The learning journey and the friendships forged with participants from diverse backgrounds were truly enriching. The training has contributed to my intercultural sensitivity and boosted my digital skills. Beyond the training classes, we enjoyed rich cultural experiences together. We visited the Alexandria National Museum and the iconic Library of Alexandria, savoring delicious Egyptian street food on Alexandria Beach. We also had the opportunity to visit the opera and an organization dedicated to storytelling with refugee and war-torn children. These experiences deepened our understanding and fostered a sense of connection.

Raha Daqa:

My experience with the “story behind minds” training was truly transformative. It equipped me with the skills to utilize digital tools effectively, fostering connections, promoting empathy, and embracing the beauty of cultural diversity. I am deeply thankful for the opportunity and the lasting impact it has had on me.

Deena Zeidan

This immersive experience provided invaluable insights and practical skills for navigating the complexities of working with individuals from diverse backgrounds, including ethnic minorities, immigrants, and refugees. Through engaging sessions encompassing video production, interactive games, drawing exercises, and collaborative storytelling, we delved deep into the essence of empathy and intercultural understanding. I would like to express my gratitude to Desert Bloom for providing me with this amazing opportunity. This was a valuable experience that will stay with me in both my personal and professional life.