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The URI Resource Library is a collection of downloadable materials and links to a variety of resources that support interfaith peacebuilding work.

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Appreciative Inquiry and URI

Appreciative Inquiry is a philosophy for positive change that was developed by Professor David Cooperrider and associates at Case University in Cleveland, Ohio. This document provides a brief summary of the Appreciative Interview process.

URI for Kids

A beautifully designed curriculum for children (and learners of all ages) that introduces URI's Preamble, Purpose and Principles, and provides excellent information and activities about different world religions and spiritual traditions.

Interfaith Peacebuilding Guide

The URI Interfaith Peacebuilding Guide is a resource for interfaith groups — those “everyday gandhis” who are making a difference one meeting at a time in their local communities.

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Learning to Live Together

Providing youth leaders and educators worldwide with the tools for an intercultural and interfaith programme, this adaptable resource can be used with children from many different cultural, religious and social contexts to nurture common values and a mutual respect for different backgrounds and traditions.

Let's Eliminate Nuclear Weapons

The “Let’s Eliminate Nuclear Weapons” webinar, hosted by URI North America on March 25, 2015, was a monumental moment for United Religions Initiative as we seek to more deeply engage the issue of nuclear abolition. Because we want this seminar to have long-lasting effects for the URI family, we are offering these resources to guide you as you take action in the movement to eliminate nuclear weapons.