Action Against Poverty CC

Striving for acceptance and respect for all: regardless of color or creed
"Our purpose is to organize and encourage people to participate in actions that lead to sustainable peace; to motivate people to utilize existing natural resources, as well as their time, talent and treasures (TTT) for peaceful co-existence; to speak out for tolerance and human respect, regardless of religion, color or creed."
Christianity, Hinduism, Islam
Number of Members
Multan, Pakistan
Joined URI Network

Action Against Poverty has many vibrant initiatives to promote development and disaster management in the Punjab region of Pakistan. Their core objectives involve working for the economic and social empowerment of underprivileged communities through microcredit, community development, and leadership building.
Members of Action Against Poverty provide formal, informal, and vocational training for impoverished communities. They also promote peace-building concepts, interfaith dialogue, harmonious living and cultures of peace and tolerance.


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URI Stories of Impact

Save Hindu Community Graveyard

Shaukat Shafi organized meeting with Hindu Community in Rahim Yar Khan (PATTAN MINARA) Its a historical place in Pakistan. It’s called Civilization of Hakira River. Hindu community facing to many problems. They have their graveyard at PATTAN MINARA, district government of Rahim Yar Khan Construct a sewerage line in front of Hindu community graveyard.  Sarfraz Clement said we will try to solve your problems. He said please educate your coming generation (Children’s). Please take care of your own health and Children also. Mrs. Shakunta Davi, Mahindar Pall Signh and Abid Khokhar also address to the participants.