Action For Girijan Development

Self-respect and participatory team work
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“Our purpose is to facilitate so that the disadvantaged and marginalized communities are able to expand and enhance their opportunities.”
Islam, Hinduism, Christianity
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South India
Bhadrachalam Mandal, Bhadradrikothagudem, Telangana, India
Joined URI Network

Action for Girijan Development (AGD) was initiated for the socio-economic development of tribal people. The group’s operational area is near the pilgrimage area of Bhadrachalam. It is a place for tourist attraction. The group envisages future threats to the peaceful existence of the community. Members plan to initiate an awareness campaign and training on interfaith harmony, for which the group has chosen to be equipped with URI principles through training. AGD has trained 19 Field Level Animators / Change Makers who are all from the Tribal Community. Also, AGD has identified 900 acres of government land and provided legal entitlement to both male and female farmers. The organization has trained 120 women in tailoring and garment-making, and 150 women in backyard kitchen gardening. It has organized a team of nine girls and five boys into a team called “Abhinaya Cultural Team” (ACT). It has formed 62 Self-Help Groups (SHGs) in the Mandal, trained parents in low cost nutritious food preparation and hygiene, and organized elected representatives to obtain 300 Old Age Pensions, 390 Widow Pensions, and 44 Physically Handicapped Pensions. It has filed 24 cases in courts of law on behalf of exploited tribal women for compensation. It has enrolled 480 dropouts into government schools and Bridge Centers, and it has trained a group of 14 women in the preparation of napkins, a helpful career skill.

Photo for Action for Girijan Development
Photo for Action for Girijan Development
Photo for Action for Girijan Development
Photo for Action for Girijan Development

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