African Youth Peace Initiative

Peaceful Communities where young people are fully Empowered, Skilled
and working towards the Sustainable Development of Kibaale District, and beyond.
Addressing root-causes of violence and its effects among communities.
Christianity, Islam
Orthodox, Pentecostal, Roman Catholic, Anglican, Evangelical
Number of Members
Great Lakes
Kampala, Uganda
Joined URI Network

African Youth Peace Initiatives is an indigenous, non-partisan, non political community
based organisation working to empower the young people, organisations, institutions
and communities through initiatives that promote a culture of non-violence, peaceful co
existence and socio-economic development In Uganda.

African Youth Peace Initiatives was founded in 2008 in Kibaale District as a community
based organization and is officially registered with the community services and
development department at the district local government.
The organization was established to transform the prevalent culture of violence,
poverty, unemployment, corruption and under-development through non-violent
methods in addressing challenges that are faced by young people in Kibaale District.
AYPI was established upon realizing that when peaceful and constructive approaches to
resolving and transforming conflicts and ensuring socio-economic development within
communities break down and conflicts escalates to internal crisis and civil war, it is the
young people in particular who bear the brunt.

Members believe that Youth have an enormous potential for creativity and innovation that’s why hopes for
sustainable development should be pinned on the young people. By investing in youth,
the Country and communities cannot remain the same.
The impact of millions of young people becoming engaged in several projects will
stimulate the capacities of all sectors thus rekindling a social and economic
transformation in Uganda, Africa and the world at large.


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