Giving the future generations a chance at a better life through alleviation of poverty and hunger as well as providing better healthcare facilities.
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Building a strong Indo-German relationship, with cultural exchange programs as well as youth development and awareness programs.

Aksha Foundation was formed last year recognizing that there was a lot of scope of work between India and Germany. When Covid -19 stuck, countries were in lockdown, members couldn't go ahead with their plans but discovered that together they could address other needs. They were able to do a food drive in the Goragacha slums, in association with Helping Hands CC Kolkata near Kolkata, where they provided food to 200 families. They also started educating kids in 2 slums in Kolkata; counselling women and youth to apply and take advantage of the government policies; spreading awareness about the ill effects of plastic use on the environment; holding online seminars and panel discussion; and achieving a conjoined effort to solutions of current world problems. Currently, they have a blanket distribution program. They also work on mental health with youth.



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