Confraternidad Religiosa del Uruguay

Generate an awareness of a constructive unity that promotes human dignity in all its expression and human rights.
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To promote multi-religious fraternity from concrete actions of community building in favor of the most vulnerable sectors throughout the República Oriental del Uruguay

Confraternidad Religiosa del Uruguay aims to have regular meetings of the Cooperation Circle to enforce collaboration in social work such as: “Casa del Abrazo”, regularization and promotion of access to drinking water and electricity services in irregular settlements, food campaigns, gender and equity education workshops, training for inclusive leadership, interfaith Public Events for Peace and Unity, collaboration with the XVI edition of "Un abrazo en Navidad" of the International Abracist Movement in Uruguay (December - Teatro Florencio Sánchez),campaign for the Protection of Children and Adolescents (NNA), "Campaign against the Co-Bed of Children - Dignity when sleeping", articulation with governmental and social institutions.

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