Disi Women

Peace and harmony prevailing among different Bedouin tribes
To create opportunities for Disi women and other community members to learn, share and grow.

Disi Women started in 2010 as social enterprise to serve women with less opportunities while maintaining financial sustainability. The focus was on enhancing the livelihood of Bedouin women by training them on doing handmade souvenirs and ceramics making. They continued to expand in creating jobs and economic empowerment through several income-generation projects. Also, they work on environment preservation in Badia (Desert). Now, they are focus on several community action initiatives such as women and female children education and peaceful conflict resolution. The association has many projects including: • CeraDisi - a ceramics making project where 10 women are employed to create art from mud. • Jadayel - is a project where the women collected old tales from the elderly and created photos and paintings inspired by these tales. • Handmade Souvenir • Textile Design • Traditional Kitchen


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