Ecopeace Teen Cafe

Our desire is that participants enhance their empathy, care, respect and understanding for diverse communities
Raising awareness about the existing inequalities in societies and equipping the younger generation globally with practical skills to build a better and sustainable world.

The project Ecopeace Teen Cafe is an online transformative education program that gives hope and calls for action through activities include workshops, dialogues and action-oriented projects using Zoom and Google Suite. All Ecopeace Teen Café activities have an interfaith component, and they are offering a platform for teens to be able to learn about other cultures and faiths and to see a new world every day and meet that world.
Ecopeace Teen Café organizers work so that young participants become more loving towards nature and that they experience interacting with people of different religions and cultures enriches them. Also, participants will gain skills and knowledge to initiate mini projects as part of a global community of peacebuilders as they engage with different speakers from around the world gaining leadership and facilitation skills

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