Global Law Thinkers Society

GLTS Family sees a green, breathable world where all people take leadership of their own lifves, build a peaceful world, and help each other for growth.
Global Law Thinkers Society (GLTS) is a Global Family. It is a charitable, non-profitable, non-political, voluntary, and social organization duly registered under the Societies Act and headquartered in Bangladesh.

Global Law Thinkers Society was founded in Bangladesh by a young married couple. They are both doing legal work. GLTS has branches in many countries and a great number of volunteers and affiliates. Their primary focus is youth empowerment through different fields of work, as well as advising and consulting people on their rights and responsibilities from a legal perspective. Their activities are decentralized. Through four annual trainings, members adapt their work to the different needs of their branches around the world. The most remarkable and memorable thing is the number of volunteers that are willing to work without any compensation in promoting legal work for good purposes and youth empowerment.


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