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Showing how every single person can make a positive difference.
We bring to our work different values, different cultures and understandings, and when we come together we create a sustainable environment that allows us to stand together and work together, understanding each other.
Christianity, Earth Based, Hinduism, Islam, Jainism, Sikhism
Earth Warriorship
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Toronto, Canada
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Green Hope Foundation is a youth-led, global social innovation enterprise working on Education for Sustainable Development, Children’s Rights, Peace and Environmental Protection by empowering young people and building effective partnerships with all stakeholders of civil society, policy makers and institutions. Their actions are guided by the United Nations mandate of “Leave No One Behind” and their engagement programs are specially directed towards the empowerment of the world’s most marginalized sections, such as refugees, orphans, the destitute and the homeless. The issues that Green Hope Foundation focuses on are: Climate Change, Social Upliftment and inclusivity, Land Degradation, Sustainable Consumption and Production, Peace Building, Gender Equality, Biodiversity Conservation, Clean Energy, Future Justice and their overall impact on children’s rights. This organization engages and educates youth and adults alike, through interactive workshops and conferences involving educational institutions, communities and corporations. The group complements these with ground-level action campaigns which target the implementation of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Members use innovative modes of communication such as art, music, dance, drama and sports, which help them transcend social, cultural and language borders. In a short span of six years, Green Hope has directly engaged over 20,000 young people in the sustainable development process, conducting over 150 workshops (called "Environment Academies") in 20 countries. Over 10,000 of these youth are from marginalized communities - Syrian refugees, children of prisoners in Kenya and Nepal, Rohingya refugees, orphans and the homeless in India and Bangladesh. Green Hope now has over 1000 members working at a grassroots level in 13 countries. It is the youngest youth organization to be accredited by the United Nations Environment Assembly. Green Hope teams have planted over 20,000 trees, regenerated mangrove ecosystems in Suriname, Indonesia, the Middle East, India and Bangladesh, organized over 100 beach, shoreline and community cleanups, recycled over 100,000 kilograms of waste, and in the last two years, has raised over $100,000 to provide solar lamps, biodegradable water storage containers, books and educational materials to marginalized children in Kenya, India, Bangladesh, Suriname, Lebanon and Indonesia.


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