Mulapnen Capacity Global Services

Empowering rural communities with knowledge and tools for self-reliance and civic engagement
"Our purpose is to build and develop the capacities of Nigeria youth for peace through interfaith dialogue, leadership training and community develop initiatives."
Islam, Indigenous, Earth Based, Christianity
African Traditional, Grail Movement
Number of Members
Western Africa
Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria
Joined URI Network

Mulapnen Capacity Global Services is a registered community-based organization (CBO) promoting environmental education and management, transformational leadership development and youth interfaith communication and integration. Members endeavor to provide and empower rural communities with knowledge, tools and skills for self-reliance and participation in economic and social development for the nation. Through their Information Communications and Technology (ICP) Program and Peace Education Program, they have successfully trained and empowered 150 students in 10 secondary schools in three local government areas of Plateau State. They also observed the United Nation’s International Day of Peace (IDP) and hosted an event for IDP in 2013. In April 2014, they organized an environmental activity in Pankshin, Plateau State, Nigeria, during which 80 students participated in a town cleanup, clearing and dispensing debris. Members have also established environmental clubs for students at Excellence International School in Tudun Wada, Jos, Nigeria.


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