Nkhudzi Bay Youth Organization Cooperation Circle

Promoting tourism and traditional activities as well as women football
"Our purpose is to promote the culture of oneness among the youth to stand against the poverty in our community."
Action Areas
Indigenous, Christianity, Islam
African Traditional
Number of Members
Southern Africa
Mangochi, Malawi
Joined URI Network

Nkhudzi Bay Youth Organization Cooperation Circle (CC) focuses on building interfaith relations through projects in their community that aim to reduce poverty and upscale local skills and talents—particularly amongst the young people. This CC started in the 2005. Members encourage and promote tourism work in their community. With what they earn from tourism, they have managed to reduce the school dropout rate by sending students to continue their studies outside Mangochi. Members plan to construct a local technical college so that they can have a stronger impact on youth. This CC also facilitates dialogue between Muslims and Christians given the great tension and violence between the two religious groups in the area.

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URI Stories of Impact

Supporting Girls' Social and Emotional Wellbeing

Nkhudzi Bay realized that many young girls had dropped out of school due to early child marriage or pregnancies, or lack of family support. The team of Nkhudzi Bay Utale Club CC, therefore, initiated the “Go Back to School Project” in Mwanyama village, to improve the re-enrolment and access to quality education for adolescent mothers.