Pipal Tree Circle

Our program harnesses the pluralistic energies that religions offer (along with those of 'inclusive' secularism) to meet the social and ecological challenges of today.
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Pipal Tree attempts to create a symbiosis of the personal, the social and the ecological that leads to sustainable development practices.
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South India
Bangalore, Karnataka, India
Joined URI Network

Pipal Tree Circle was established in 1984 by a group of alternative development practitioners and socially engaged thinkers. Its office is located at the ecologically inspired campus known as 'Fireflies Intercultural Centre' that is in a village 30 kilometers outside Bangalore, India. Members believe that the survival of the human species demands that we immediately adopt a nurturing and respectful attitude to our planet, which calls for a new vision of sustainable development. Pipal Tree Circle responds to the call through programs addressing topics such as Climate Change, Advocacy, The Children’s College, Adivasi Child´s Rights and Women Empowerment, Responsible Tourism and Fireflies Intercultural Center work.

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