Pita Women Association for Development

Empowering, rehabilitating and facilitating socio-economic transformation of communities
"Our purpose is to empower, rehabilitate and develop women, men and youth severely affected by poverty."
Islam, Indigenous, Christianity
African Traditional
Number of Members
Great Lakes
Juba,Central Equatoria State, South Sudan
Joined URI Network

Pita Women Association for Development is comprised of various levels of society from grassroots women, men, and youth to middle class women regardless of tribe, religion, and standard of living. This Cooperation Circle (CC) is operating in a context where 21 years of civil war occurred between Muslims in North Sudan and Christians and Traditionals in South Sudan. Development is not equal between the states, and there remain many grievances from the war due to the mistreatment of Christians and Traditions in the Muslim North and the Muslim minority in the South. A superiority conflict exists between tribes in South Sudan and thus results in appointments and employment relying on tribal line loyalty. This CC believes that the environment requires unity in diversity. In order to overcome division, Pita Women Association for Development engages in confidence building and seeks to improve the relationships between Sudanese and South Sudanese women. The Comprehensive Peace Agreement of 2005 has led to the promotion of economic literacy and created a program of small credit accessible to women. This CC established a program of community dialogue for peaceful coexistence as an effort to bridge between and across religion and tribes. Members carry out systematic research on key socio-economic, social and political issues to form the bases for high level consultations. They plan to continue advocacy for freedom of spiritual expression and coexistence, as well as education, health programs, and spiritual development.

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