Reach Unreached Millions Worldwide

We wish to build together a safe world without violence and to make poverty history in the future.
We reach and help the unreached millions of people, physically and spiritually, around the world, especially in developing countries.
Christianity, Spirituality
Assemblies of God
Number of Members
Kaunianen, Burundi
Joined URI Network

Reach Unreached Millions Worldwide is a URI Multiregion Cooperation Circle with members in Burundi and Finland. They achieve their purpose of empowering the unreached through trainings and seminars, by teaching and equipping youth, and also through leaders from different local churches. Through these activities, they increase the knowledge and skills of youth and leaders, providing them with a career/job so that they can support their families. They gather their strengths so that they are able to fight against ignorance, hunger, diseases, poverty, violence, racism, and discrimination together.


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