Sarvodaya Shanti Sena CC

Empowering youth to become community leaders
“Our purpose is to promote non-violent action, training and education in peace efforts and to offer a wide range of activities to bring out harmonious integration of all communities and religious faiths.”
Buddhism, Christianity, Islam
Buddhist, Catholic
Number of Members
Sri Lanka
Moratuwa, Sri Lanka
Joined URI Network

Sarvodaya Shanti Sena Cooperation Circle (CC) is the first CC registered in Sri Lanka and has a network of about 1,500 villages. CC members run programs for peacebuilding and community development, such as their youth peace dialogues. Additionally, they foster intercultural cooperation among youth leaders in the Northern and Eastern parts of the country to develop mutual goodwill and understanding at the village level. They organize interfaith conferences, essay competitions for peace, interfaith dialogues, and 12 interreligious youth exchange camps.


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Youth Workshops in Sri Lanka

Sarvodaya Shanthi Sena Sansandaya, a URI member group in Sri Lanka, is holding face-to-face workshops for youth from the Kandy district on 24th and 25th July, 2021.