Women's Interfaith Network of the URI (WIN-URI)

Demonstrating the power of women to nurture and strengthen women's projects throughout the world with the support and assistance of men
“Our purpose is to provide an interactive global network for women's projects to be realized locally and globally.”
Action Areas
Baha'i, Christianity, Earth Based, Hinduism, Indigenous, Islam, Judaism
Catholic, Christian Scientist, Episcopal, Lutheran, Native American Kollam, Native American Lakota, Neopagan Wiccan, Orthodox, Presbyterian, United Church of Christ
Number of Members
Jerusalem, Israel
Joined URI Network

Women's Interfaith Network of the URI (WIN-URI) Cooperation Circle was founded at the URI Global Council Meeting in May 2006. One of their projects includes donating funds to help support services coordinated by two members, Joyce Ng'oma and Shakun Vaswani. Joyce leads a series of visitations to women prisoners of different faiths in Malawi, to assist the women with hygiene, mental health and education. This project inspires CC members to research the situation of women prisoners in their own countries, with a view on identifying interfaith service opportunities.

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