Youth for Peace Cooperation Circle Cambodia - YFP CC

Youth for Peace envisions a society where people are committed to practice the balance of spiritual and material value that leads to a culture of peace.
Youth for Peace Cambodia
Youth for Peace Cambodia CC aims to bring about a society of peace and social justice in Cambodia, through the development of good role models and active citizenship of youth who understand and practice a culture of peace.
Buddhism, Christianity, Islam
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SEAPAC-West Zone
Phnom Penh, Cambodia
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The Youth for Peace Cooperation Circle (YFP) Cambodia is a peace-building initiative among youth from different universities that started in 1999. Since then, it has untiringly sought for positive change on social and justice issues in Cambodia. It envisions re-building society so people have equal access and active participation leading to sustainable development and harmony. The past 10 years of their work paved the way for a bright future of Youth for Peace. The lessons from successes, failures, and encountered challenges were significant steps in moving forward to a peaceful and promising future. In the next 10 years, YFP, as well as the new initiative of the Peace Institute of Cambodia, will continue their firm mission to make remarkable changes in the grassroots communities as well as in Cambodian society as a whole. Members hope that an increasing number of young people will continue to engage in peaceful solutions to social conflicts and to participate in a sustainable social development which will bring about a culture of peace and a culture of democracy. YFP provides an opportunity for training youth to develop skills and competencies towards active citizenship. They hope to create a ripple effect as they actively share experiences with peers and people and make positive contributions for a better Cambodia. YFP believes the power of education on peace, leadership, active citizenship, social accountability and the engagement of participants in conflict transformation processes that can make changes in society. Changes start from within the individual and, as such, personal change can bring about relational change within communities or institutions and overall social/structural change. Youth are considered a focal group to take the lead and initiatives for changing themselves, their community, and their society.

Youth for Peace Cambodia
Youth for Peace Cambodia
Youth for Peace Cambodia

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