Abraham Karickam: Success at the 2015 Holy Books Conference

4 February 2015, 11:13 PM

Delegates of the Holy Books Conference with members of Inter-religious Cultural Co-existence CC

Twelve years ago when we started the Holy Books Conference series, we never expected it to become so important an international interfaith event. Now that the sixth edition – which focused on the topic of “Holy Books and Eco Spirituality” – has come to a successful end, our gratitude to all who made it possible will be beyond words. We were fortunate to have luminaries like Dr. A. T. Ariyaratne (Magseyse award winner and popularly known as “the Sri Lankan Gandhi”), the Rev. Victor H. Kazanjian, Jr.Dr. Jinwol Lee, Dr. Ian Fry, and so many others this year with us in Sri Lanka. What makes all these delegates spend so much money to attend this conference remains a mystery. We also received scholars from countries including Australia, Korea, Bangladesh, India and Sri Lanka.  We have not received any grant from any agency so far all these years, except the publication assistance from SRM Trust. It has become like a people's movement. 

We express our gratitude to the whole Sarvodaya Team of Sri Lanka and the CCs based in Kandy and Galle for making our first conference outside India a big event. URI Global Council Trustee Dr. Ravindra Kandage and his team deserve special thanks. It is particularly gratifying that more than 70 delegates attended from India. It is gaining importance year after year. 

Dr. Shanthi Hettiarachchi played a significant role in steering our program to a great success. Our thanks are due to so many others who toiled hard to make it so memorable. 


Delegates of the 2015 Holy Books Conference on Holy Books and Eco Spirituality


The banner at the 2015 Holy Books Conference


Dr. Ravi Kandage welcoming delegates at the Sarvodaya Center in Colombo


Starting with prayer


Victor with Sri Ariaratna and others on the dias


This year’s publication includes papers that were presented during the Holy Books Conference. We have Hindu, Buddhist, Jewish, Christian, Islamic, Zoroastrian and other perspectives in this volume.


URI Asia Regional Coordinator for Korea Jinwol Lee expresses thanks to the Inter-religious Cultural Co-existence CC members



Victor addressing a meeting of the CC leaders in South India Zone at Karickam International Public School


Victor with South India regional leaders in Kerala


Victor releasing a dove during inauguration of a Peace Rally in celebration of UN World Interfaith Harmony Week

Cooperation Circles Involved