The Weekly Shot: Youth-Led Environmental Efforts

3 February 2020, 12:26 PM
The Weekly Shot: Youth-Led Environmental Efforts

Two youth-led Cooperation Circles (URI member groups) in India are taking a bold environmental stand by planting 500 mango trees at Narottampur in West Bengal. The young leaders from Sister Nibedita Peace Circle and Palki Peace Circle are doing their best to replace the natural resources that are demolished in the path of hasty development. The project will not only replenish the environment with essential trees, but it will also economically empower local women and enrich the surrounding village by establishing the benefits of interfaith cooperation in their community.

“It is our responsibility to save our beautiful planet earth and make it green again for our next generation’s future.” - Abhirup Khan, URI East India Youth Program Coordinator & Palki Peace Cooperation Circle Coordinator

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