Sister Nibedita Peace Circle

Trust and respect to each other that guides us to make a positive change
“Our purpose is to create just and peaceful society through interfaith social actions.”
Indigenous, Hinduism, Christianity, Islam
Number of Members
East India
Bankura, West Bengal, India
Joined URI Network

This organization is government-recognized. It has been working for 20 years. Their first focus was to empower women. Members believe that women´s role in society is very important because women have the talent to be self-reliant and take leadership roles, but due to their culture, they have been for a long time only taking care of the households. To change this culture, they are engaging women in decision-making and supporting them to lead social activities. Through sustainable local initiatives, they gather people of various faiths and involve them in initiatives to support women´s livelihoods. Also, women in these programs take more prominent roles in the education of their children and start environmental programs. Members of the Cooperation Circle believe women’s empowerment assures a better future for the children. Now they are also working on children’s education and environmental education to create a discrimination-free and peaceful society.

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