Inter-Religious Action Against Hunger And For Life

20 July 2020, 9:55 AM

URI Brazil is involved in a campaign: its objective is to bring food to 40 million Brazilians for three months.


A screenshot from the convening of the CHALLENGE/DESAFIO 10x10 campaign.

CHALLENGE 10X10 is the name of the campaign. Edgard Gouveia Júnior is the creator of the campaign. He graduated in architecture, he was a professional volleyball player (he is a nice man of color 2 m tall!). For 35 years he has been dedicated to mobilizing communities to transform spaces, hearts and minds. He is an expert in cooperative games, well-known in some parts of the world and organizer of an online contest, where you can choose a 'passion', out of 12, and donate to this cause.

URI focused on ‘passion’ FAITH AND SPIRITUALITY (FÉ E ESPIRITUALIDADE) and looked for the most outstanding religious personalities in the country and invited them to lend their image and credibility to the campaign.

In an event organized by URI, in collaboration of MOGAUMA (Global Movement of Self-Knowledge and Mutual Help), a faith based organization and, after listening to the explanations from the UN World Food Program (WFP) about the terrible famine that will affect Brazil and the world, more than 60 religious and members of some entities gave their support to an interfaith agreement to create conditions to feed and generate jobs and income for the most affected populations by the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.


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Humanity has received a wonderful gift: the gift of being aware of our life, of our role in the realm of creation and of our responsibility to ourselves and to all living creatures. This awareness becomes more important now, when we live in a moment of acute crisis brought about by the pandemic. More than ever we need all religious traditions to come together in a National Action Against Hunger and for Life.

It is time to guarantee the bread that feeds our sisters and brothers, an essential element so that we, human beings, can experience our humanity to the full.

We, various religious traditions and partners, declare our commitment not to leave anyone behind.

We come together in this National Action to share all our knowledge, all our resources, all our prayers and vibrations to minimize human pain, the suffering of the environment and everything that is alive, breathes and pulsates.

As urgent actions, we commit ourselves to revive the committees and all the possible structures of our spaces to enable actions to fight hunger and develop tools for a sustainable and solid economy.

We declare our maximum willingness and commitment to disseminate, integrate and offer the best and most efficient solidarity practices ever developed and, in this exchange of experiences, to enhance the Common Good.

The call is for us to do our best together - for others and for all of us. Join us in this Action against Hunger and for Life.

Cooperation Circles Involved