Survival and Adaptation in Times of Pandemic

5 January 2021
Photo: Mr Lucas seated.

Dora Pereira, member of the CC COEMATI of Jujuy, Argentina shares this beautiful story of resilience with us “some grandparents ask us for alcohol to disinfect their hands or their things of continuous use. There is an 80-year-old grandfather who started working cleaning gardens and even when you don't need it, he cleans your garden or sweeps your sidewalk and then asks for a breakfast or merchandise or clothes, he tells you that not only can you pay with money, you can also pay I was able to pay for his work with other things. His name is Lucas and he said that he almost died from being locked up. He lives alone and does not have a television or radio, he would not like to watch TV because his eyes are not very good, but he would like to have a radio to listen to and not feel alone and bored. So the members of the circle were in that task of being able to get him the radio. Lucas transmits many teachings to the COEMATI youth group, the love of life and work (I show you a photo.) "

With regard to adoration children, this year the infantile youth activity was suspended, since here in our place we continue with sanitary measures due to COVID 19, we continue with distancing measures, all a meter and a half away, the transport of buses has allowed a certain number of twenty passengers for each trip. These days we are ending the 2020 school period, closing, today I must deliver the grades of my students this year, very rare and discriminatory, I will be at school all day.

Young people and children are waiting for the vacation period to begin and we will begin to work with them in the planting of native tree species on the banks of a route near our houses, since many species of trees were thrown to do that route and we want to recover the area. The hands of the youth of CC COEMATI will work there, very happy for this activity to be carried out.

Dora Elena (CC COEMATI coordinator)