Impact of the Solidarity Support Program

24 May 2021

As you know, it is not the institutional policy of URI to support the Circles of Cooperation with fondos. However, in the Asamblea Regional de Chile 2014, the possibility of providing some type of support to promote initiatives of the CCs that need support, given the socio-economic and cultural characteristics of other Latin American and Caribbean communities, was planted. It is for this reason that you have been included in the URIALC Region 2015 for the first time, a section for the APORTE SOLIDARIO program, a new line of support for CCs as a symbolic way of rewarding and supporting those CCs he is actively working in his localities for the construction of interreligious dialogue, the culture of peace and the healing of mother earth.

Last Year 13 CC Circles sent their application and were completed with different kind of initiatives to help their communities each month the Regional Office is collecting their testimony and producing this bulletin to show the impact that the URI help had. 

CC Quinaroes 

Objective: To expand the ancestral  knowledge of environmental protection and conservation, with emphasis on  the  recovery  of its sacred spaces  in  Mother  Earth.

Description: CC  Quinaroa  seeks to raise awareness about the importance of living in harmony with a healthy and  protected environment for every  citizen. The members of CC  Quinaroa  are dedicated to teaching workshops   on formation  and transmission of ancestral   knowledge, knowledge of the flora  and,revitalization of the cultural manifestations of the indigenous peoples  (Quinaroes, who make life in Lagunillas,  merida of the state). 

CC SONrio 

Objective: To monitor the emotional state of patients and health professionals to support them in the practice of   cure,  such as hospital clowns. From it and with games we  transform the hospital environment and  create  bridges of love. We healp also following projects such as  CSE (comprehensive  sex education) campaigns and awareness campaigns to  prevent  STDs  (sexually  transmitted  diseases).

Description: CC  SonRio  attends the public hospital twice a week and visits  old people, adult hospitalization and adult surgery to share  a moment of laughter, music and games that  allows  them  to relieve  theirphysical pain.