Indigenous Prayer and Sacred Ceremony

2 June 2021
Indigenous Prayer and Sacred Ceremony

Power of Prayer and Positive Intention - Indigenous Prayer and Sacred Ceremony

As we nurture the spirit of URI, let us renew the power of prayer and positive intention that unites our global community and awakens our hearts and souls. See the full series of posts here.

Indigenous Prayer and Sacred Ceremony

Let us listen to Indigenous voices praying in sacred ceremony. In 2014 URI hosted Hidden Seeds, a historic gathering of Indigenous wisdom keepers from six continents. Altars were created and blessings were spoken:

Creator, recognize and help URI in what they are trying to achieve. Creator, bless all of the participants here, their home places, their concerns, make it good for them again. Creator, it is really important how those gathered here take time to do good for their people. And they are here to create something more – a unified way of being in the world.

We are grateful to you, Creator. You are here with us giving us courage to go forward and not give up. To never give up so that we will make it through times that are ahead. Bless all of these efforts so that something good will be taken home. Thank you for this time here and for all of our relations.

Mother Earth is going to give a big shake. People will come to their knees – what will we do? Mother Earth is showing us signs of the way forward. We have to look and listen for that way forward. We will be challenged by forces that are dark – but we have been trained with medicine from our Creator to meet them and defeat them.

The greatest power in the universe is the power of the Creator- we must be in alignment with the Creator to bring forth the needed changes. This moment is a fulfillment of a prophecy and we are a part of that.

Traditional wisdom provides an ancient system of knowledge that is cosmic, earth bound and spirit bound – it is eternal wisdom. When we, the Indigenous people of the world, stand together, the circle will be complete.

We placed the Sacred, the Creator, Spirit, and the “Hierarchy of Light” at the center of our circle, at the center of our time together and our work. We celebrated, drummed, danced, deepened our courage and resolve to make our collective voice heard for the common good.

Indigenous Prayer and Sacred Ceremony