Indian Pluralism Foundation

United we stand for faith and freedom.
The Indian Pluralism Foundation was established to promote harmony, knowledge, understanding and admiration among the world’s diverse religious and spiritual communities.
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East India
Kolkata, West Bengal, India
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Indian Pluralism Foundation is an interfaith organization indefatigably dedicated to protecting the integrity of religion, individual human rights and democracy. It encourages individuals to develop an open mind and an open heart toward their fellow humans. It affirms that knowledge and education are vital tools to cultivate a pluralistic society and it understands that there is a need of bonding and knitting among the diverse religious and spiritual communities.
Indian Pluralism Foundation offers a social interactive platform to challenge religious bigotry and defend religious freedom on local issues, religion in the public sphere, and interfaith relations. Members believe that engineering relationships based upon mutual consanguinity among people who worship differently, speak differently, look differently, and eat differently leads to understanding, and understanding leads to acceptance and appreciation of a different perspective. With help from civil society members, they industriously mobilize individuals on the grassroots level to make a difference in their own communities and respective neighborhoods, enhancing interfaith dialogue to foster mutual understanding and mutual respect.


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