Satsang Research Center

Fostering a conscious society where every view is honored in the same way
“Our purpose is to make a united motion among all views through education and research activities.”
Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity, Islam
Number of Members
Dhaka, Bangladesh
Joined URI Network

Satsang Research Center Cooperation Circle (CC) promotes communal harmony among people of different religions. They conduct research on concrete ways of practicing interfaith harmony and combatting mistrust among community members. CC members practice daily interfaith action in order to promote relationship-building among people of diverse religions. They host workshops on interfaith cooperation, in which participants share their practices for sustained peace.


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URI Stories of Impact

World Interfaith Harmony Week 2016

Satsang Research Center Cooperation Circle, along with URI Bangladesh and 40+ other groups and Dr. A Hye, Cooperation Circle Coordinator for URI Dhaka Bangladesh, has celebrated the World Interfaith Harmony Week 2016.

Proselytizing – Not in Thakur’s Vocabulary (Conversion – not admitted by Sri Sri Thakur Anukul Chandra)

It is an article by Dr. DC Patra, Ph.D and member, Institute of Indo-Aryan Studies. Although, it is a republication of this article, but it is very necessary to make our notion clear to all from our Ideal and Activities at this very very First staze in international level. We can take a brief knowledge of real Dharma (religion or more than it) from this article we think.