Women and Girl Child Rescue and Development Initiative

We desire a world free of all forms of abuse and marginalization, particularly of women, girls and children.
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Our purpose is to help citizens from our local communities rise up to the challenges facing them on all levels in society.
Christianity, Indigenous, Islam
African Traditional
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Western Africa
Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria
Joined URI Network

Women and Girl Child Rescue and Development Initiative (WGRDI) is a Nigeria-based NGO committed to grassroots development and peace-building, established in the year 2013. The organization was formed in response to violent crises in Plateau State. It aims to contribute and make an impact in society by working with communities through interfaith peace dialogues to promote peace and reconciliation, unity and love. Also, the organization has a deep interest in empowering community groups (including women, girls, youth, children and the elderly) with the capacity to achieve peace and development at different levels.
WGRDI is proactive and strategic through its results-oriented initiatives to create impact in communities in the areas of peace education, gender-based violence, conflict resolution and management, interfaith and intercommunity peace dialogues, skill acquisition and empowerment, education and reproductive health.
One of their most memorable activities is the Interfaith Peace Dialogue project tagged “Promoting Sustainable Peace and Enabling Reconciliation through Communal Dialogue and Performing Arts” in Nasarawa State, Nigeria, where different religions and communities were brought together to interface and come up with solutions to foster unity amongst themselves for the common good of their communities. The most captivating aspect of the project was the performing arts aspect, which acted as a common, unifying factor irrespective of religions. Impactful and positive results were recorded. WGRDI has also conducted peace education lectures across educational institutions and communities in partnership with International Women’s Peace Group (IWPG) South Korea in Plateau State, Nigeria, where they had students from different religions inculcated with the peace culture, which is remarkable.

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