The Multiregion is home to Cooperation Circles who have members in more than one region or whose concerns are global in scope, transcending geographic boundaries.

URI Multiregion Baraza

The Multiregion creates a supportive environment to build relationships and strengthen local identity as part of a global peacebuilding community. Together we offer opportunities for connection and in-depth dialogue, provide training, and enhance mutual exchange among groups pursuing common themes. Examples of peacebuilding work in the Multiregion includes mobilizing young adults for interfaith work, protecting rights of Indigenous peoples, bridging East and West through art, and support of women's projects around the world.

Regional Support Staff

The Multiregion Baraza

  • Kate Kiama (Kenya)
  • Vincent Leong (Malaysia)
  • Francisco Morales (Argentina)
  • Mikuak Rai (USA)

Here’s one example of URI’s work in this region:

Voices for a World Free of Nuclear Weapons Cooperation Circle gathered dignitaries like the Honorable William J. Perry, former Secretary of Defense, the Honorable George P. Shultz, former Secretary of State, Dr. Sidney Drell, Professor Emeritus at the Stanford Linear Accelerator, Ambassador James E. Goodby, former Strategic Nuclear Arms Negotiator with the U.S.S.R., and Ambassador Thomas Graham, Jr, former Senior U.S. Diplomat, to make a video speaking out against nuclear weapons and to call for the eradication of nuclear devices. It was the first time those voices, from opposing political parties and vastly different life experiences, were united and recorded in public prayer.

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Stories From URI Multiregion

The Weekly Shot: To Heal the World

The exhibition serves as an inspiration to all to redouble our efforts to counteract the current wave of negativity and erosion of values by expressing how we can each make a positive impact in our social groups, communities, countries and ultimately, in the world.

Isabel Ramos, My Teacher and Friend Charles Gibbs

In August 2008 near Iguaçu Falls, 90 representatives of 12 Cooperation Circles from 11 countries gathered for the Third URI Latin America regional assembly, which was to be followed by a day-long meeting for the Indigenous people attending. Isabel Ramos, a gifted copla singer from Cordoba, Argentina, was one of the Indigenous people. At the end of the first evening, I learned that when Isabel first saw me, a white, male Christian, she ran weeping and screaming from the room. I represented the devil that aimed to destroy Indigenous cultures and the people who lived them.