Indigenous Youth Participation in URI Latin American Assembly

15 June 2010
Latin American Assembly Francisco 1.jpg

Dear spiritual brothers and sisters around the World, and the URI community,

Last week the URI Sub-regional Assembly took place in Argentina, where different people and indigenous nations around Latin America spoke together and told about their  experience and work in the region.

“The Welcome “ was held in Maria Eugenia Crespo´s house where we ate very nice food.  In this place we talked with Marcos Mafia, Rodolfo Blanco and Gabriel Avruj, the Argentiniana youth group who went to the Global Assembly and Young Leaders Program in India (in 2008).

The first activities and workshops were in the Marghulis Foundation near the Ipodromo Nacional - one historic place in the Argentinian´s story.

The place was very comfortable and healthy, and the people were very interesting. The CCs in Argentina and Latin America taught me about the importance of their traditions and religions, especially the Mexican people, Peruvian people, and Venezuela people.

The Bolivian people told me about the changes in the political life in Bolivia and the important work  Evo Morales has made  for interfaith cooperation regarding the Congress for Climate Change in Cochabamba. The principal value was "Hay que salvar a la Madre Tierra" - "We have to Save Mother Earth" and "El buen Vivir" - "Wellbeing."

The theme or initiative for this sub-regional meeting came from the union, the TINKU between the Condor, the Aguila (Eagle) and the Serpiente (Serpent). “Cuando los pueblos del Condor, del Aguila y la serpiente se encuentren encontraremos la paz." "When the peoples of the Condor, the Eagle and the Serpent meet, we will find peace." These words were said in the old traditions, for the Cosmovision about the future before the Spanish Conquest in 1492.

My participation in this opportunity was as Ambassador for Latin America and as an Indigenous youth.  I presented about the young leaders' program and my work in the Community  and talked about my new CC “Comunidad Cosmica”.(Cosmic Community)

In the moment when I had time for my presentation I told about my project,  ESPACIO DE ESTUDIOS y RECUPERACIÖN DE LA COSMOVISIÓN INDÍGENA (The Space for the Study and Recovery of the Indigenous Cosmovision). This is one place to study and recover the indigenous knowledge. I showed them my first book, it is  called “El Estado como espacio complementario de la vida social y la naturaleza”. "The State as a Complementary Space for social life and Nature."

Rodolfo and I told about the important work in respect to the  young people and the URI Global Youth Program.

 I had the support of Rosalia Guitierrez, Maria Eugenia Crespo and Yoland Trevino, but I would like to also thank especially Enoe Texier from Venezuela who in her place in the Public Workshop in the Salvador University gave me one moment to show my book and share about my work in the URI Global Youth.

It was very important this support because, for the young people, the first time in something or in one project is very necessary and important to have the support and the experience. Enoé and her work was one inspiration for me.

The topics in the meeting were:

1)      Environment --- Society

2)      Dialogue and peace.

3)      Social inclusion.

4)      Interfaith work in schools

5)      Auto sustentabilidad-sostenibilidad. Self-Sustainability.

6)      Indigenous people and tecnology for better interfaith work.

7)      Spirituality and social progress.

8)      The young people in interfaith work.

In the Indigenous Assembly alter the Sub-regional Assembly, it  was very interesting especially to meet in this place people from different indigenous nations and diversity expresions. Culture and Cosmovision were the important topics here. Condor , Aguila y Serpiente were the symbols for these times, and  I learned a lot about the others' experiences and work.

Dear other ambassadors and all, I think that this is the way [to achieve] one better humanity and society in peace with the people and the Mother Earth.

“Pachamama , Madre Tierra danos fuerza y sabiduria para ser mejores hombres y mujeres y para cuidarte siempre”

"Pachamama, Mother Earth give us strength and wisdom to be better men and women to take care of you always."

Jayaya! Tawa-inty-suyo, jayaya! Father Inty and Mather Earth.Jayaya URI-Global Youth.


Congratulation URI Global-youth.


Francisco Morales

Ambassador Latin America

Comunidad Cósmica.CC