URI Global Youth Cooperation Circle

Model by which youth and adults can learn about interfaith cooperation, education and ways to deepen our roots in our own traditions
“Our purpose is to connect and empower youth initiatives across URI.”
Action Areas
Christianity, Judaism, Spirituality
Anglican, Brahma Kumaris, Catholic, Christian Scientist, Lutheran, Psychic
Number of Members
Metro Manila, Philippines
Joined URI Network

Young leaders, active in the United Religions Initiative (URI) are at the heart of interfaith-led social transformation across the world! One such change-making interfaith peace building organization is the URI Global Youth CC.
The CC envisions to be the immediate hub to connect and empower youth-led interfaith activities around the globe. We connect and assist in the growth of religious youth groups under the URI umbrella to give exposure to interfaith peacebuilding activities.

Our mission is to ensure the immediate information transfer such as a list of the regional, sub-regional, national and large URI CC meetings that are taking place. Contacting the coordinators of this and possibly integrating and facilitating a youth training where there is a predominance of youth engagement.

Our second mission is to recognize exemplary young peace builders who are active proponents of peace and awarding them with Youth Peace Awards that are funded by organizations external to the URI.

Our membership includes but is not limited to youth leaders and youth groups from the URI global network. It achieves its goals of developing a youth network, amplifying youth participation through its current wide membership range spanning the seven different continents. This CC and its global membership base was formed in November 2008, but was dormant until its revival in September 2015.

Monthly, youths get together in cyberspace for the global webinar which has covered topics on Religious Extremism, Youth Mainstreaming and most recently on Interfaith Safe Spaces. The webinar aims to compile voices of the youths from various religious backgrounds and demographic *that can potentially be implemented* as youth lead projects in solving issues discussed.
In future, the CC plans to organize a bi-annual international interfaith conference to further connect like-minded individual youths in running *locally* based community works for the betterment of the region. Youths with exemplary efforts will be recognized and awarded to further *inspire* passion and commitment towards peace building.


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URI Stories of Impact

Global Youth CC hosts Nuclear Disarmament  Webinar

Mar 06, 2017.

A world free of nuclear weapons.  Is it desirable? Is it possible? 

Your VOICE is needed in this important webinar, on nuclear weapons abolition taking place on Friday March 24 at 1:00AM GMT (Thursday evening  6pm PST, 6:30am in India, 9:00am in the Philippines, etc).  

My URI Interfaith Experience in Malaysia

My  Malaysia experience is tremendous! 

The United Religion Initiatives (URI) through the Youth Leadership Program opened my opportunity to meet new friends from other countries, establish networks with other faiths and understand better what is interfaith.