COVID-19 Relief Services in East India, Bangladesh and Nepal

13 July 2020
Photos: supplies are dispersed and children practice social distancing

In response to COVID-19, Cooperation Circles in East India, Bangladesh and Nepal have provided support through relief services. 

Anughrah Peace Foundation CC (APF CC):  APF Cooperation Circle was the first responder in the Ahiripukur community in South Kolkata where most of the residents are daily wage labourers, working at minimal paying jobs like garage mechanics, house painters and rickshaw peddlers. APF CC assessed the immediate needs of the aggrieved community and made a list of things to do. In the following two days, the team met and began their preparation for a relief response. The APF CC team also sanitized the community and surrounding roads with bleaching powder and phenyl. While planning to provide cooked food for the most vulnerable – the homeless, widows and daily wage-earners – they found that the numbers were much higher than they had anticipated. Nevertheless, under the Campaign ‘Feed the Need,’ APF CC provided cooked food for 200-250 people in 5-6 locations for around 15 days. APF CC has also provided dry rations and daily essential items (Rice, Dal, Atta, Potato, Maggi, flattened rice, Biscuit and Soap) to 50 families in the community.

Rural Development Society CC (RDS CC): Food distribution was done in Barikul village under Ranibandh block, Khatra subdivision in Bankura by RDS CC. Dry ration was distributed with the help of the local authority, maintaining social distance norms to 200 villagers.

Insaniyat CC: URI-Insaniyat CC, Palamu, Jharkhand and the local organization, Multi Art Association are working on making masks for the prevention of coronavirus by a group of youth and student organizations at the Women’s Youth Technological Empowerment Center, Daltonganj. So that masks can be reached among the women, children and people of the dalit, tribal, and deprived communities of remote villages.

Research and Empowerment Organization CC (REO CC) : The REO CC youth team from Norshinsi and Gaziour Districts in Bangladesh are distributing hand sanitizers, gloves, masks, and soaps to the people in need who do not have access to such basic necessities of life. Their program includes distributing sanitizers, soaps, and masks to children and families, as well as providing PPE, soaps, and masks to the nurses and doctors in the hospital.

Peace4Dalits Foundation CC: As a Special Initiative of Peace4Dalits Foundation CC, Nepal and Samata Foundation Nepal, food distribution along with financial assistance was provided for 30 households of daily wage earners of Mahuwan, Ward 5 of Sakhuwa, Prasauni Village municipality of the Parsa District. Food packages were distributed and helped many residents, as most of them were on the verge of starvation

Smiles4Millions CC: Smiles4Millions CC have worked with children in the state of Bihar and also extended their support to members in Kenya. They have been helping communities in the most remote areas of Bihar to maintain health standards, as they continue to distribute food and essential supplies. Additionally, they have built partnerships to generate support. 

ALOOR JATRI (Vanguard of Light) CC: During this COVID-19 crisis, emergency basic food supplies were distributed to 115 poor families of 5 villages in Bangladesh. 

Indian Pluralism Foundation CC: The Indian Pluralism Foundation CC and the Chisty Foundation, organised 'Dry Food Supplies Distribution' for countless families who were in distress in the Rural Villages of India. 


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