Circles of Light 2020

22 October 2020
Photo: photo showing the vision we were having of how the platform presents the tables.

Last Saturday, October 17, the first session of the Círculos de Luz 2020 gala was held, an annual event held by URI in San Francisco and which, in this atypical year, due to the global pandemic, was held online through a virtual platform called ROWING.

From the Regional Coordination of Latin America & the Caribbean we want to extend our congratulations to the entire team of the global office for such an impeccable organization that allowed to bring together members of the Latin American CCs: Quinaroes from Venezuela, Latin American Musicians from Mexico, Indigenous Peoples of the Argentina, the Cosmic Community of Argentina, Femas of El Salvador, Campinas and Borborema of Brazil, with members of the other CCs of the world and collaborators of the great URI family. Also present were the Regional Coordinator, Dra. Enoé Texier and Ágata Brito, Assistant to the Coordination in Brazil who shared with the attendees at the Spanish-speaking table.

It was a magical space, full of much love and dedication for each one of the beings that make up the great interreligious and intercultural network of URI in the world.


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Photo: A girl praying
Photo: URI members posing to photo.
Photo: URI logo of the Circles of light