URI AL&C Online Youth Training

25 October 2021
Photo: flyer talking about the training.

Between August and September 2021, the URI AL&C Online Youth Training organized by the URI Global Program for the participation of youth was developed with the intervention of 15 young people from the CCs: Aflaiai, Constructores de Puentes, Teusaquillo, Mukua, Quinaroes , COEMATI, The Descendants of Guatemaya, Samay, ACRE from the countries: Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Guatemala, Panama and Venezuela.The training was structured in 3 sessions: -Listen and communicate through differences -Digital Narration / Social networks-Measurement of the impact of the work Each of these topics was directed by the professors: Jeannie Pacheco, Hecsil Coello and Ruth Angamarca, specialists in each of these contents. Ricardo Manzano participated as facilitators of the process with the young people. (Vasu) from the CC Interspiritual de México, Ilwen Leviñir from CC Aflaiai, Vilma Palax from CC Los Descendants de Guatemaya, Francisco Morales from CC Comunidad Cósmica and Ágata Brito, Assistant to the CCs in Brazil The entire program was under the Coordination of Adriana Reyes, Anthropologist, assistant to the Regional Coordination of Latin America & the Caribbean and Sarah Oliver, Anthropologist, Director of the Global Program for participation of URI youth, under the advice of the Regional Coordinator Dr. Enoé Texier and the Director of Global Programs Alice Swett.


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Photo: Teacher Jannine Pacheco flyer talking about the first class.
Photo: Second class photo of the teacher Ruth Angamarca
Photo: Thard class photo and flyer of the teacher Hecsil Coello
Photo: Zoom screenshot
Phot: flyer with a frase
Photo: Zoom screenshot
Photo: Flyer with frase