URI respects wisdom from voices of all generations.
Coexister CC youth marching

URI celebrates the work and leadership of young people. Cooperation Circles work towards equity and fair age representation in all aspects of their work.

Examples of our work in this Action Area:

  • The URI Youth Connection Cafe is a monthly virtual meeting space for young people across the URI network to connect, learn together, and share their experiences as young interfaith peacebuilders. Each Cafe is hosted by a different youth Cooperation Circle who chooses the topic and facilitates the session. Read more here. Please contact URI if you would like to join these gatherings! 
  • In MENA, Desert Bloom CC regularly hosts youth exchange programs offering young people the experience of meeting across cultures and participating in cultural activities together. Most recently, Desert Bloom participated in the Creating the Way Youth Exchange program in Romania. 
  • In South India, Ecopeace Teen Cafe runs a transformative educational experience for 30 young high school learners. This five-month program covers four modules: community building, environment conservation, social justice, and peace. The learners engage weekly with different guest speakers and participate in activities together, facilitated by a team of youth volunteers. Read more here.
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Growing Roots

Day 18: URI Youth Ambassador Shazia Wahid is building a youth movement for peace and tolerance in a volatile Pakistan-Afghanistan border region.


Day 14: CCs in Western India celebrate the International Day of Peace by calling for an end to female infanticide.

Celebrating Indigenous Cosmovisions - Young Leaders' Live Chat

Hear from one of our youth Ambassadors, Francisco Morales Ventosa, an Aymara youth from Argentina, speak about his Indigenous cosmovision, as well contributions from ten other young leaders from different parts of the world on the topic of "Celebrating Indigenous Cosmovisions." This chat is part of our series of monthly live chats for young global leaders. To learn more, contact Sarah Talcott Blair, [email protected].