URI North India & Afghanistan 2018

16 August 2019, 5:15 PM

We bring to you a collection of events organised by URI North India and Afghanistan region in collaboration with our Cooperation Circles in 2018!

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URI and UNO Sign Genocide Prevention Agreement

United Religion Initiative (URI) and the United Nations Office on Genocide Prevention and Responsibility to Protect have signed a partnership agreement to promote a peaceful culture at the global level. Signed at United Nations Headquarters in New York on September 10, 2018, the aim of the agreement is to provide a structure of cooperation between the two organizations in the areas of mutual interests.

 Both the organizations have collaborated at the local, national, sub-regional and international levels to counter hate speech and prevent instances of violence, promote the maximum implementation of Sustainable Development Goals with a special focus of Goal 16 concerning building peaceful, inclusive and just societies.

The two organizations share a common commitment in promoting the right of every individual for them to lead a life of respect, dignity and equal opportunity.

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URI Bridging the Gap with BHU

United Religion Initiative, along with Malaviya Center for Peace Research of Banaras Hindu University, conducted an interfaith workshop on October 14 and October 15, 2018, on peace-building and social inclusion for the PhD students and teachers. It shed light on the important principles of institutionalizing interdisciplinary research and conflict resolution. 

The workshop revolved around issues of reflection on identities and others and identification of identity-related issues related and its social manifestations and lastly, how to incorporate it into the academics. A discussion was facilitated by everyone present about how to bridge the gap between the grassroots realities and academics. 

The workshop also focused on the importance of unlearning some old concepts and learning new ways to promote peace, thereby reiterating the need for constant negotiations and deliberations to bring a change.

Interfaith Peace-building Workshop

United Religion Initiative, along with the Center for Afghanistan Studies, organized a two-day workshop on interfaith peace-building. The students of O. P Jindal Global University, along with the members of Cooperation Circles of URI, participated in this event.

The two-day event was filled with learning through games and an open platform for discussion. The workshop revolved around reflection on identities, understanding the personal beliefs of others and respecting them, understanding the problems of refugees and the importance of negotiations and deliberation for peaceful conflict resolutions.

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Aman Dosti Yatra - Fostering Peace

United Religion Initiative, North India and Afghanistan, along with its cooperation circles G3S Foundation, Mahela Chetna Kendra, Nirmala Deshpande Sanstha and UNOY, were a part of a journey called Aman-Dosti Yatra which aimed to promote the ideas of peace and non-violence. On August 13, 2018, a group comprising of men, women and youth began a journey from New Delhi to Wagah Border, to celebrate the Independence Day. 

This new endeavour was a new ray of light and hope amidst the increasing communal and national tensions between the two nations. The idea was to promote the message of peace and communal harmony and counter the voice of separation, violence and hatred.

The group reached Punjab on August 14, 2018, and organized a session India – Pakistan Relations, discussing the problems and various possibilities of fostering peace and harmony between both the nations. On the same day, the group held a candlelight vigil to mark to 72nd Independence Day at Wagah Border. 

The Yatra was aimed at creating a peaceful environment and promote the ideals of peace, harmony, non-violence and brotherhood. 

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URI at Discussion about Substance Abuse in India

A multi-stakeholder meet was held by the Delhi government on October 10, 2018, on the occasion of World Mental Health Day in the capital. The meeting organized by the Department of Health and Family Welfare of Delhi government along with the HIV/AIDS Alliance and United Religion Initiatives (URI), aimed to discuss the growing problem of drug and substance abuse in the country and compose possible plans to reduce it. The event was an effort to raise community engagement in combating the issue at hand by spreading awareness about it and educating the people, especially the youth. As per the World Drug Report published in 2017, the problem of substance abuse has become rampant as one-fifth of the world population has ha drugs at least once in 2017 and a quarter of a billion people (0.6% of the adult population) suffer from drug disorders. 

The meeting has evolved into a strategic partnership between the above-mentioned stakeholders, where faith-based organizations such as URI will help in formulating proper understanding and better legal and policy frameworks to promote discourse and propagate the healthcare options and human rights of People Who Use Drugs (PUD’s).

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GS3 and URI for Women Empowerment

United Religion initiative, along with one of its cooperative circles, GS3 Foundation, conducted inaugurated a sewing machine centre as a part of the ‘Project Swawlambi’ organized on August 31, 2018, at Machhahi village, Sakra thana, Muzaffarpur, Bihar. 

Project Swawlabi aims to improve the condition of poor women who reside in the village. It plans to teach poor women sewing at the centre thereby helping them to develop skills to earn a livelihood. After the completion of the training, the centre intends to make women independent so that can work from home too. This new endeavour’s objective is to empower them and make them independent to lead a life with dignity and respect which they are entitled to.

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#VAW, Women Against Violence

As a part of 16 days of activism, Asia Culture House, one of the Cooperation Circles of United Religion Initiative, in partnership with Afghan Women’s Network and UN Women of Afghanistan, conducted a solidarity walk on November 30, 2018, to raise awareness and end the violence against women in Daikundi, Kabul, Afghanistan.  

As a part of the same event too, a street play was organized by young boys and girls and it brought forward the stories of women survivors who suffered the trauma of violence. The street play also acted as a major medium as it reminded everyone of their collective responsibility end violence against women and girls.

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India Afghanistan Youth Meet

A cultural meet was organized by the United Religion Initiative - North India and Afghanistan on September 1, 2018, after 20 days of intensive training on Conflict Resolution and Peace-Building for Afghan youth. The volunteers and contributors along with NGO’s like Chhoti Si Khushi, GS3 Foundation, U DAY Festival, Dwarka Peace Society, Abhiyane Foundation, My Perch and Music Basti. The aim was to create an environment to foster peace and build a friendly relationship on the basis of cultural exchange. 

The day commenced with the official release of the URI newsletter and a group discussion on Community and Culture Engagement. The day also witnessed performances by youth from both countries.

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Sustainable Approach to Water Scarcity

One of the major transnational threats faced by all the nations in the world is water scarcity. With increasing demand due to increasing population and unsustainable usage, water scarcity has become an issue of utmost importance. Therefore, the increasing significance of raising awareness about water scarcity has become the need of the hour. 

LEAD India and Sony Yay! Have partnered with United Religion Initiatives and its cooperation circles and are working directly with both private and government schools to raise awareness about water conservation. Workshops are being organized where children are taught about daily water usage and its wastage. This has helped the students to reflect on the ways they wastewater daily and have also enabled the children to channel their creativity in the conservation process. 

So far, children of more than 300 schools across 4 states – Gujarat, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh and Delhi – have been guided and trained in water scarcity and the importance of sustainable use. Moreover, these new collaborations have not only helped in raising awareness but also have created a strong bond of cooperation amongst the youth who the drivers of change of present and future.

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Third Asia Assembly conducted by URI

United Religion Initiative conducted its 3rd Asia Assembly in Sri Lanka. The theme of the meeting was United for Peace – Transcending Boundaries. It welcomed people from all over the world who represent different cultures, ethnicities, religions and nationalities. The day was full of celebration of diversity and discourse on the promotion of a peaceful and harmonious environment.

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Chhoti Si Khushi by Children

Chhoti Si Khushi, one of the cooperation circles of URI, organized a big event at Sir Aurobindo Center for Arts and Communication (SACAC), on November 4, 2018, where kids participated in a choir performance. All the children had practised and trained for four months for this performance under the guidance of another cooperation circle of URI, Music Basti. This event acted as a huge opportunity for the children as it provided them with exposure to develop confidence and grow as a performer.

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Cooperation Circles Involved

Abhigyane Foundation

"Our motto is Freedom through Education. We provide stationary, books, and library facilities to children in need. We also offer free-minded learning through educational trips, and try to make education more enjoyable. We run workshops in slum areas, orphanages, and for physically disabled groups to nurture the talent of students from lesser economically developed sections. Education is the most powerful weapon which we can use to change the world with peace and harmony."

My Perch

My Perch is a space run and managed by kids where they receive love and warmth, and where they speak their mind, share their ideas and imagination, and decide the kind of activities they want to develop.