URI Stories of Impact

Our community is working tirelessly to bring peace and justice in all areas of the world regardless of religion. Read stories straight from the organizers.

URI Story Spotlight

Rising from the Ashes

Jam and All Cooperation Circle Celebrates 20 years of Interfaith collaboration...

The URI Indigenous community gathered together in for the "Meeting of the Americas"

This call was one of the global community calls with a focus on Indigenous Communities.

AFFCAD Cooperation Circle in Kampala Uganda supported 262 young people to gain entrepreneurial skills to help them recover from the negative impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on their livelihood.

Nepal Unites CC organized a two-day training on social media handling and how to use social media appropriately.

Read more about this initiative. 

4535 Results

10th Assembly for East India Region

The assembly of URI East India, Bangladesh, and Nepal was held under the leading role of Ranchi Peace Circle. The main theme was fostering feelings of trust and respect and identifying ways to promote cultures of peace.

A Meal of Love

In this season of sharing love and hope, we bring to you Undugu Family Hope Cooperation Circle in Kenya which is bringing sharing love with children in the Kibera slum  by providing them with a meal a day

URI at COP15

This month, at the United Nation’s COP 15, Indigenous leaders, URI, and faith groups representing many religious traditions have gathered to speak on behalf of nature, and address the climate crisis.