URI Network Surpasses 1000 Cooperation Circles!

21 May 2019

With the addition of these 11 new Cooperation Circles, the URI network now exceeds 1000 member groups worldwide!

Peace4Dalits Foundation

Pictured: Peace4Dalits Foundation

With the addition of these 11 new Cooperation Circles, the URI network now exceeds 1000 member groups -- with 1010 Cooperation Circles working for peace worldwide!

Chad joins the network as well, bringing the number of countries where URI has a presence to 109. Congratulations to our growing network!

We are now 1010 Cooperation Circles working in 109 countries!

Please give a warm welcome to the latest groups to join the global URI network. Learn more about these groups, called Cooperation Circles (CCs), here.

Interfaith Platform of Chad (Chari Baguirmi, Chad)

With 13 members including Sufi Muslims, Catholics, and Protestants, this group aims to bring about peaceful coexistence and pacific cohabitation among the Chadians by promoting the values and principles of the URI community.

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Missão Profetica e de Reavivamento - MPR (Maputo, Mozambique)

“Together Praying for Mozambique” is a prayer and dialogue platform on peace, forgiveness, spiritual and divine healing of souls and reconciliation. It is a collective, non-denominational, nonprofit, faith-based platform for Mozambicans, including in the Diaspora alongside its International friends and partners who share the same beliefs.

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Atish Dipankar Society CC (Dhaka, Bangladesh)

With 81 members of Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist, and Christian beliefs, this group's purpose is to develop interreligious harmony, to develop tolerance of other religions' thoughts, and to increase humanitarian activities.

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Mythri Foundation (Bengaluru, Karnataka, Southern India)

With 163 members who follow Hindu (Sanathana), Christian, Buddist, Jain, and Islam faiths, this group conducts monthly Power of Love meetings every third Sunday, conducting sessions for children on ecology and environmental sciences, and rescue activities of stray dogs and cats.

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Sanmitra Mahila Mandal (Mumbai Suburb, Maharashtra, Western India)

The seven members of this group encourage interfaith cooperation, women's empowerment, and multicultural activities, including programs for skill training and placement of women, NCD control, legal awareness and help for women, and promoting programs of interfaith and communal harmony.

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Peace4Dalits Foundation (Parsa, Madhesh, Nepal)

We aim to achieve equality, dignity and rights for Dalits. Our mission is to be a partner in the struggle to eliminate caste-based discrimination and ensure equality and equal rights for all, by supporting groups engaged in for social change, promoting new leaders committed to the ideology of equality and equal rights for all, and creating public understanding and favorable public opinion.

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Hungarian Interreligious Cooperation Forum (Budapest, Hungary)

Our purpose is to promote mutual respect and communication among different religions and beliefs so common solutions and actions can happen to our local interfaith and religions issues.

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Comunidad de Reflexión y Espiritualidad Ecológica – CREE (Quito, Ecuador)

Our purpose is to promote interfaith and intercultural dialogue, the culture of peace, justice, human rights and respect for the Earth. We hold monthly meetings, retreats, forums, panels, celebrations of liturgies, and meditation lectures.

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Together S.A.F.E. (Manama, Bahrain)

The "Together S.A.F.E." Initiative is a counter-extremism social initiative that promotes tolerance of ideologies and tries to build social resilience, inclusion, and cohesion. At the heart of the "Together S.A.F.E" Initiative (TSI) is a belief that better governance of the diversity within our communities will lead to a safer society, with people better protected against violent extremism and radicalization.

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Inspired Women's International Network – IWIN (URI Multiregion, based in India, Australia, and Sri Lanka)

Activities include empowerment training for girls and women, idea incubation system for startups for women, imparting value added education to eradicate poverty with proper guidance for employment, awareness camps, campaigns, workshops, and seminars for achieving the purpose of "I-WIN".

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World Interfaith Network – WIN (URI Multiregion, based in the United States)

Our purpose is to maintain an online database through which interfaith groups around the world can connect with each other.  We honor and respect all faiths, cultures, creeds, and races and seek to learn from those who believe equal spiritual opportunity and human rights belong to every person.

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