URI Welcomes 12 New Cooperation Circles and 2 New MCCs

15 September 2019
Green Hope Foundation, a URI Multiregion member group.

Pictured: Green Hope Foundation, a URI Multiregion member group.

Please give a warm welcome to the latest groups to join the global URI network. Learn more about these groups, called Cooperation Circles (CCs), here.

We are now 1026 Cooperation Circles Working in 108 Countries!

Blantyre Bangwe (Blantyre, Malawi, Southern Africa)

The purpose of this Cooperation Circle is to build a good community where youths will be the leading examples of peace and self-reliant. Members have been gathering youth to talk about issues affecting their daily lives, such as how poverty affects education, effects of early pregnancies, and how they can live together peacefully in a society despite the difference in religious belief or cultural practices.

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Science of Spirituality, Nigeria (Lagos, Nigeria)

This Cooperation Circle is a non-profit, non-denominational organization committed to spiritual development, peace, and service to humanity. It provides a forum for people to learn meditation, experience personal transformation, and bring about peace and human unity.

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Anchal Cooperation Circle (Kollam, Kerala, South India)

Asian Humanity Foundation (AHF) is a not-for-profit organization founded on 29th December, 2017 under the Indian Trust Act, as applicable by the Government of India. AHF is a grassroots organization which ensures social development through humanitarian intervention in the spheres of peace, justice, education, health, governance, livelihood, poor family support and environment.

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Role CC (Multan, Pakistan)

Role is striving for achieving such a world where everybody will have equal access to his/her individual, social, economic and political rights. Its seven members include Roman Catholic and Protestant Christians, and Shia, Sunni, and Wahabi Muslims.

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STAR Organization - Sympathy, Treatment, Acceptance and Rehabilitation (Faisalabad, Punjab, Pakistan)

STAR Organization promotes interfaith harmony and peace culture in society for human respect and better development. Its seven members, who are from faith traditions Christian, Sikh, Bahai and Islam, arrange education summer camps, seminars, workshops, teacher trainings, and school competitions.

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URI Ambagamuwa CC (Hatton, Sri Lanka)

With 15 members of Buddhist, Muslim, Christian, and Cultural Tamil traditions, URI Ambagamuwa CC acts as a helping hand for disabled people and their families.

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United Inter Community Cooperation Circle Matale Sri Lanka (Matale, Sri Lanka)

With 29 members from backgrounds including Catholic, Hindu, Islam, and Moor (an ethnic subsect of Islam in Sri Lanka), this group is a local committee dedicated to promoting daily interfaith cooperation.

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East Africa Consortium International (Benadir, Somalia, Horn of Africa)

East Africa Consortium International started in 1993 as an initiative of eight determined Somali women. This organization brings a message of reconciliation and restoration to broken communities. Members serve those affected by violent conflict and natural disasters. They do so by contributing to the realization of peace and hope restoration.

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B R Memorial Central School CC Adwaitha (Kottarakkara, Kollam, South India)

This is an independent private school promoting peace and encouraging interfaith cooperation and coexistence. Since B R Memorial Central School teachers and students are mainly from Christian, Hindu and Muslim faiths, the school has, for the last 25 years, promoted respect for diversity and encouraged interfaith programs. Members believe that any provocation can lead to a crisis situation, so they want to inculcate interfaith culture among students and teachers.

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Egyptian Youth Against Violent Radicalization (El-Beheira, Egypt)

Egyptian Youth against Violent Radicalization has started to see more hate speech among Muslim and Christian youth. Understanding that hate leads to violence in most cases, this organization decided to engage the young population in activities such as awareness campaigns, workshops and other activities aiming at preventing youth from violent radicalization. They target young people who are between 18-34 years and come from rural, marginalized and poor regions in Egypt (such as border provinces). Members aim to help these young women and men to face their hard life affairs like poverty, exclusion, inequality and marginalization, and increase their potential to be stronger against various radical influences and also radicalization

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Green Hope Foundation (URI Multiregion, based in Ontario, Canada)

Green Hope Foundation is a youth-led, global social innovation enterprise working on Education for Sustainable Development, Children’s Rights, Peace and Environmental Protection by empowering young people and building effective partnerships with all stakeholders of civil society, policymakers and institutions. Their actions are guided by the United Nations mandate of “Leave No One Behind” and their engagement programs are especially directed towards the empowerment of the world’s most marginalized sections, such as refugees, orphans, the destitute and the homeless.

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Monmouth Center for World Religions and Ethical Thought (New Jersey, United States)


The central focus of the Monmouth Center for World Religions and Ethical Thought (MCWRET) is to promote the understanding and acceptance of religious and cultural diversity to help create a more peaceful world. MCWRET sponsors and co-sponsors various programs and activities that aim to create an increased interest, awareness and sensitivity among members of various faith and wisdom traditions, as well as cultures. Diversity, in all of its forms, is embraced and fostered.

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Multiple Cooperation Circle (MCC) - Foro Interreligioso de América Latina y el Caribe por los Derecho Humanos (Latin America & the Caribbean)

The purpose of this MCC is to develop actions, programs, statements, networks and interactions inspired by the international agreements on Human Rights in the obligation of States to respect, protect and warranty them. Also, the right of citizens to demand them in a lay state that preserves principles of religious freedom and interculturality, equality and nondiscrimination, neutrality and laicism, autonomy and the right to decide, request transparency and financial report.

URI Cooperation Circles involved:

Multiple Cooperation Circle (MCC) -  Planetary Wellbeing (URI Multiregion)

The Planetary Wellbeing Circle hosts intentional conversations among like-hearted people and (local and global) network partners to regenerate a thriving planet and sustainable peace-building by collaborating for environmental, spiritual, social and economic resilience.


URI Cooperation Circles involved: